I am committed to serving my students, the department, the university, the broader community, and the discipline of Political Science. 

Throughout my career I have been an active mentor for undergraduate and graduate students. I have served as an advisor for a number of internships and independent studies and regularly work with honors thesis students. To contribute to research on effective mentoring, I participated in a 6 month study to examine mentoring between faculty members of color and undergraduates of color.

I am also an active participant in community and campus dialogues on race and ethnicity. At multiple institutions I have served on  Diversity Committees at both the College and Department levels to stimulate greater discussion and strategies for how to increase racial, ethnic, and gender diversity among faculty on campus through recruitment and retention. I was also a member of the university-wide Latino/Hispanic Task Force that worked towards developing a strategic plan for increasing the number of Latino students and faculty members on campus, and creating a mentorship program to support retention. I am deeply involved in the graduate admissions process at UW. I actively work to identify ways to increase the diversity of the applicants and recruited students to our program, including attending the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute. At UW, I was the Director of  the Washington Institute for the Study of Inequality and Race (WISIR) from 2019-2022 and created a wide host of programming including speakers and several webinar series on contemporary racial issues in American politics. I am currently the WISIR Field Director for Latino Politics and Immigration. 

In the discipline of Political Science, I have focused on institution building and editing. I am one of the co-founders and co-organizers of SPIRE, the Symposium on Politics, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, which began in 2012. It is a one-day conference held at various universities. Its purpose is to workshop research in progress by both faculty and graduate students and provide constructive feedback for revisions and eventual publication of work. Meetings provide important opportunities for networking and mentoring.  I have also served on four APSA Presidential Task Forces, including one in 2021 on "Examining Issues and Mechanisms of Systemic Inequality in the Discipline".  From 2018-2022 I was one of the editors of Political Research Quarterly.  Currently, I am the Vice President of the APSA Latino Caucus.